Land-based sensor rig

Background & motivation

  • The first autonomous ferries are being developed for short crossings of rivers and canals, with short distance to shore and well-developed communication infrastructure.
  • In these operation domains, the use of land-based sensors can improve the situational awareness of the ferries.

Problem description

  • A land-based sensor may improve the situational awareness of the ferry beyond line of sight (e.g. beyond turns and bridges).
  • It may also be possible to move sensors from the ferry to land without reducing situational awareness
  • These sensors will detect the ferry in addition to other objects in the vicinity.

Work proposal

  • Setup an architecture for sensor fusion with land-based sensors
  • Compare the tracker with and without data from land-based sensors
    • The comparison may be on either recorded data, or in simulations

Figure 1: An example of a land-based sensor rig.