Zeabuz is a highly ambitious spin-off from the progressive research center for Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems, at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The company is founded on top of a cutting-edge research community that has created the world’s first full scale autonomous ferry «milliAmpere“. Our team has deep competence in situational awareness, autonomous navigation and decision-making, modelling and simulation, cyber-physical systems and assurance.


Erik Dyrkoren
Erik DyrkorenCEO & Co-founder
Øyvind Smogeli
Øyvind SmogeliCOO & Co-founder, Adjunct Professor NTNU
Henrik Stray
Henrik StrayCTO & Co-founder
Thomas Skarshaug
Thomas SkarshaugSoftware Developer & Co-founder
Halvor Platou
Halvor PlatouSr. Systems Architect
Carl Petersson
Carl PeterssonAutonomy Engineer

Board of Directors

Bjørn K. Haugland
Bjørn K. HauglandChairman / CEO Skift - Business Climate Leaders
Dr. Asgeir J. Sørensen
Dr. Asgeir J. Sørensen Professor and Director, NTNU, Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems
Dr. Tor Arne Johansen
Dr. Tor Arne JohansenProfessor, NTNU, Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems
Susanne Jäschke
Susanne JäschkeInnovation Manager, NTNU Technology Transfer

Strategic Advisors

Dr. Egil Eide
Dr. Egil Eide Associate Professor, NTNU/ Electronic Systems / Inventor
Dr. Bjørn-Olav H. Eriksen
Dr. Bjørn-Olav H. EriksenNTNU Postdoc - COLAV and system architecture & Co-founder
Dr. Erik F. Wilthil
Dr. Erik F. WilthilNTNU Postdoc - SITAW and sensors & Co-founder
Dr. Morten Breivik
Dr. Morten Breivik Head of Cybernetics Department, NTNU / Motion control & COLAV
Dr. Edmund F. Brekke
Dr. Edmund F. BrekkeAssociate Professor, NTNU /Sensor fusion & SITAW
Tobias R. Torben
Tobias R. Torben NTNU PhD student - Product Assurance & Co-founder
Anne Beate Hovind
Anne Beate HovindCity development & strategic communication


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